Hi there!

For those who don't know me, my name is Reya. I'm a person who likes to make things, based in Holland by way of Canada and Trinidad.

My first love was painting, but that has gladly scooted over to make space for my photography, something which I have recently become very passionate about. I've also dabbled in other handicrafts such as knitting, blockprinting, ceramic painting, clay beadmaking, and felting. I have an incessant urge to create objects with my hands, whether it be cooking, baking, gardening, or artwork.

I am inspired by nature. But even more so, colour, music, and human kindness have proven to be incomparable sources of creativity for me.

I am impressed and in awe by artists such as Salvador Dali, Leonard Cohen, Frida Kahlo, Marc Chagall, Anton Corbijn, and Georgia O'Keeffe.

The majority of my paintings are done in Artisan water mixable oil paints by Winsor & Newton. I shoot primarily with a Canon 400D using the 18-55mm lens. I also use a Polaroid Impulse AF camera with 600 film, and a Praktica SLR with a 50mm lens.

I've found that I'm drawn to completely different subjects when I photograph than compared to when I paint. Exposed brick, urban decay, worn storefront facades, food, the beauty of everyday life, and Toronto make me happy. But I won't deny that the occasional flower doesn't sneak in, once in a while. 

So take a seat, grab a cuppa, and have a look. If you drop me an email, or leave a note on the guestbook, letting me know what you think, I'll be awfully happy. 


photo by ralph nardell